PCC - Pratama Cendikia Consultant


a Consulting Firm specializes in Customs & International Trade Consultancy Services

About Us

PCC is a consultant firm established in Jakarta over 6 years ago, with specialization in consultancy services in the Customs and International Trade sectors. 

Being domiciled in Indonesia, PCC is not only serving the companies or individues having business in Indonesia, but also in the capacity to provide consultancy to overseas clients who consider to enter the Indonesian market or to establish foreign direct investment in Indonesia. 

PCC is having professionals blended with various expertises and experiences, included but not limited to: Customs, International Trade, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Accounting, and Taxation. Answers and solutions from PCC are rich, mostly with experience from best practices from its professionals.

To serve clients from outside Jakarta, PCC established an office in Surabaya in 2011.