PCC - Pratama Cendikia Consultant


Master List

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  • PCC will assist and guide the company in the preparation of the following documents:
  • Master List of Capital Goods (must be as detailed as possible)
  • Disk of Master List of capital Goods (based on BKPM’s Investor Module)
  • Floor Plan of Factory and drawing of layout of machineries/equipment or technical drawing of building (including those for hotel/office complex)
  • Brochure/technical specification of machineries/equipment
  • Description for production process/flow chart
  • Calculation of capacity of machine/equipment
  • Copy of SP PMDN or SP PMA and its amendment
  • Copy of ratification for Taxable employer (NPPKP)
  • Copy of Taxpayer Reference Number (NPWP).
  • Copy of Report of last period Investment Activity (LKPM)

Any further?
PCC will also arrange the technical meeting between the company and/or its representative with BKPM (Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board). PCC will follow up the process, revision/amendment (if any) of Master List until its approval