PCC - Pratama Cendikia Consultant


Harmonized Tariff System Classification and Customs Valuation

What is that?
Accurate tariff classification and Customs valuation of goods are critical elements when  importing into or exporting from Indonesia. Under the prevailing rulings, the legal responsibility to declare accurate value as well as the appropriate Harmonized System (HS) number falls upon the Importer of record if importing into Indonesia or the Principle Party of Interest if exporting from Indonesia. Failure to have correct values and classifications may very well result in customs clearance delays, shipment roll-over, seizures, penalties, or even possible criminal prosecution.

What does PCC offer?
PCC works with companies of all sizes to assist them in determining the accurate value of goods as well as the proper HS numbers. Specialized experts provide guidance on how to factor in: packing costs, commissions, royalty fees, assists, license fees, discounts, and more.