PCC - Pratama Cendikia Consultant


Customs and Trade Licensing

What kind of licensing/permit?
PCC assists companies in the pursuance of related licenses/permits of Customs, Trade, Industry and other authority such as:

  • Prohibition & Restriction permit of Import and Export
  • Temporary import
  • NIPER of Duty Exemption and/or Drawback (KITE Facility)
  • Construction of Interlink Material Report (BCLKT01/BCLKT02)
  • Bonded Zone Facility (Bonded Factory, Bonded Warehouse)
  • Temporary Warehouse
  • Investment approval from Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)
  • Import Identification Number for Producer/Trader (API-P/API-U)
  • Customs Identification Number (NIK)
  • Other Customs and Trade licenses/permits (SIUP, TDP, TDI, IUI, etc)